Important events of the 14th century

1299: Founding of Ottoman Empire

1309-1377: Papacy transferred from Rome to Avignon, France

1320: Reunification of Poland

1327: Edward III becomes King of England

1328: Phillipe VI ascends throne ignoring Edward III´s rightful claims

1337: Edward claims the French throne, the Hundred-Years-War begins

1347: Plague strikes Sicily

1348: France struck by the Black Death in January;  England in August

1357: The Scottish win the second War of Independence against England

1360: Recurrence of the Plague

1369: Recurrence of the Plague

1381: Peasant´s Revolt in England

1400: Renaissance in Italy

The Black Death in Numbers

 ·         From 1347 to 1350 the Black Death struck Europe.

·         In less than two years 30% to 60% of the population of Europe was wiped out.

·         Nearly 75 million died in western Europe alone.

·         18000 people died in London in the course of three years.

·         Almost 1/3 of the worlds population had died from the plague by 1350.

·         Estimates go from 100 to 200 million deaths worldwide.

·         The mortality rate of the bubonic plague was 30% to 75% percent.

·         Within 1-7 days the first symptoms occurred, including fever, nausea, headache and an infection the lymph nodes.


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